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KL Maschinenbau We are the specialists for measuring the power on tractors, other agriculture machines and diesel-engines. EGGERS-Dynamometers, leading in Europe with practical, robust and proven technology. read more

Eggers-Dynamometer Engine performance is one of the most important parameters of a tractor. The mobile PTO powerbrake EGGERS dynamometer allows rapid assessment of agricultural and construction equipment. read more

TDT measuring system TDT is a producer-independent inexpensive measuring system for tractors, engines, construction machines, etc. read more

Consumption measurement tool We continued to research continuously as well as our experiences of many years into the advancement put. The result: We developed a consumption measuring instrument, which is convincing in accuracy, handling and economy. read more

Software You will find our products in the final assembly line of nearly all the renowned tractor manufactors, as well as in training and development centers worldwide. We provide regular software updates and support. read more

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Dynamometer 600 kW
P.T.O Powerbreak PT 301 MEM /MEW/MES

The hardest test for any product is to perform the same precision and reliability, Day after day, month after month, year after year.

We continued our research work to invest our many years of experience in the development of this product. The result: We invented a P.T.O. power break which is convincing in precision, operation, safety and economy.

Dynamometer 600 Kw

Technical Data

Model: PT 301 MEW / MEM / MES
Modell versions : PT301MEW : workshop type, fixed to floor
PT301MEM : workshop type, mobile
PT301MES : road type, on trailer 80 km/h
Breaksystem: 2 Retarder (eddy current, wear free)
Collant: Air
Measurement range
at 1000 min-1 and 20°C:
600 KW 1 min*
550 KW 2 min*
500 KW 2,5 min*
450 KW 3,5 min*
400 KW 4,5 min*
320 KW 7,5 min*
280 KW 9 min*
220 KW 40 min*
(*Measurement time depending upon tractor size and local conditions.)
max. revolutions permissible: 3.600 rpm
max. torque: 7200 Nm
Precision: < 1
Display: digital display
Indiction revolutions, torque, power (KW), power (PS)
DMS Sensor: standard
Direction of rotation: both
Electrical Power supply: 400V/230V, 16A slow
Zinc plated
Housing: Fibre glass reinforced plastics material
Measure and weights:
PT301MEW : L 1810mm; B 730mm; H 1540mm; 1098 Kg
PT301MEM: L 1830mm; B 1060mm; H 1500mm; 1150 Kg
PT301MES: L 3100mm ; B 1800mm; H 1580mm; 1300 Kg
permissible total weight 1800 Kg
PT301K: 1600 Kg, permissible total weight 2000 Kg
Standard delivery items: CEE plug 5x16A and machine manual
(large dust cover at 301 MES)
Against additional charge: Cardan half shaft 1 3/8” 21T
Cardan half shaft 1 3/4” 20T
Cardan half shaft 1 3/4” 6T
Cable remote control
bluetooth control
Software “Eggers PowerControl”
Large protective hood
Subject to technical alterations serving improvement. Measures, weights and technical data are subject to progressive alterations and thus not binding.