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Eggers-Dynamometer Engine performance is one of the most important parameters of a tractor. The mobile PTO powerbrake EGGERS dynamometer allows rapid assessment of agricultural and construction equipment. read more

TDT measuring system TDT is a producer-independent inexpensive measuring system for tractors, engines, construction machines, etc. read more

Consumption measurement tool We continued to research continuously as well as our experiences of many years into the advancement put. The result: We developed a consumption measuring instrument, which is convincing in accuracy, handling and economy. read more

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Dynamometer 900 kW
PTO shaft power brake PT 1000 / 3 K / W

When it comes to service dynamometers, the PT 1000 K / W covers the complete spectrum, including all performance categories. Whether the PT 1000 W (workshop version) or PT 1000 K (mobile in van trailers), performance is key here. With performance of 900 kW for the rapid test and 510 kW for a full-load curve, it can handle any engine and also achieves unrivalled precision, thanks to the inclusion of a torque measuring device in the drive train. This dynamometer provides all you need for the future. Given the ever-bigger agricultural machinery and related performance requirements, forward-looking businesses should look no further than EGGERS dynamometers.

Technical Data

Model: PT 1000 / 3 K /  W 
Modell versions: PT 1000/3 W: workshop design, stationary
PT 1000/3 K: road works, based on chassis 80 Km / h
(optional 100 km / h)
Breaksystem: 3 Retarder (Eddy current brake wear)
Collant: Air over electric high-performance blower
8000 m³ / h and a fan

Measurement range
at 1000 min-1 and 20°C:

(*Measurement time
depending upon tractor
size and local conditions.)

900 Kw 1 min*
825 KW 2 min*
750 KW 2,5 min*
675 KW 3,5 min*
600 KW 4,5 min*
480 KW 7,5 min*
420 KW 9 min*
330 KW 40 min*
300 kW open end
max. revolutions permissible: Optional 1300 1/min to 3600 1/min
max. torque: 9000 Nm
Precision: 0.5% of reading
Display: digital display, speed, torque, power (kW, hp)
DMS Sensor: Measuring hub, standard temperature compensated
Direction of rotation: both
Electrical Power supply: 400V, 32A tr
Frame / Housing: galvanized / walls of multiplex
Chassis: Tandem VIN (BPW) with auto-reverse, 2-leaf rear door, complete.
galvanized welded frame, folding automatic jockey, 2 grab handles, fender supports, lockable stainless steel lock, storage space for drive shaft and drive shaft halves
Measure and weights: PT 1000/3 K: L 3300mm, B 1750mm, H 2000mm, weight 2000 kg,
Gross vehicle weight: 2700 kg
only construction: L 2050 mm, W 1330mm, H 1550 mm
Standard delivery items: Manual, connector
Standard colors: white, light gray or dark gray
Against additional charge: Specific joint shaft 1 ¾ "6Z - 1 3/8"
PTO shaft 1 3/8 "21T
PTO shaft 1 3/4 "20T
PTO shaft 1 3/4 "6Z
Bluetooth remote control
Software "Eggers Power Control"
Colors at additional cost: all RAL colors
Subject to technical alterations serving improvement. Measures, weights and technical data are subject to progressive alterations and thus not binding.