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KL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a Europe-wide leader in the development and manufacture of dynamometers for agricultural machinery and engines as well as specialising in the construction and distribution of the internationally renowned mobile PTO shaft power brake EGGERS dynamometer. Our products are used by virtually all tractor manufacturers of note in final assembly, training and development – worldwide!

We provide fuel consumption meters with impressive precision, handling and efficiency, which operate with all tractor engines currently available on the market.

Eggers Dynamometer
500 kW - 735 kW

The internationally renowned EGGERS dynamometers form the core brand of KL-Maschinenbau. They are used worldwide by well-known manufacturers, schools and agricultural machine dealers.


With our “Frontec“ front-PTO additional brake, we offer land and forestry workers in mountain regions a solution to increase economic efficiency and safety when driving downhill.

Test Benches for electric motors

By taking over the WEKA-Elektromotorenprüfstände on the 01.06.2017, KL-Maschinenbau GmbH Co.KG can also offer a complete product portfolio in the field of electric motor test stands.

Consumption Meter FM 3

Our consumption meters are the perfect addition to our test stands. They are, in addition to the compatibility with our dynamometers and our software, above all simple to operate and very precise.

KL measuring system

The KL measuring system offers the best solution for advanced measurement, diagnostic and analysis tasks. Numerous sensors, as well as inputs and outputs, provide almost endless configuration possibilities.


Our software “PowerControl“ offers the perfect addition to our products. It simplifies the work with the dynamometer, the consumption meter and the measurement system of KL-Maschinenbau.

Special Test Stands

Special machine construction has developed into an important core of KL-Maschinenbau GmbH. Worldwide, technical universities and numerous customers from the industry rely on our know-how in this field.



ZDH-ZERT GmbH certifies, that the organization KL Maschinenbau GmbH has implemented a quality management and applies the standard: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in the areas of development, Design, manufacture and sale of measuring instruments and diagnostic systems. The corresponding proof was provided by an appraisal.

Certificate valid from 30.03.2022 to 29.03.2025


Over 30 years of experience


Beginning with the EGGERS dynamometer, a complete product range for customers in the field of engine technology has been developed over the years. Adapted to the requirements of the market, consumption meters, which are compatible with the EGGERS dynamometer, have been developed. These devices are convincing in terms of accuracy, handling, and economy.

Our “PowerControl“ software is the perfect complement to our products and makes it for the user easier to work with. In addition to logging tasks, the software can take control of the test stand and automatically determine the performance curve of the connected tractor. When the consumption meter is connected, the actual consumption data of the engine are also displayed in the software and can be viewed in relation to the full load curve.

In addition to the serial production of our tried and tested products, the construction of special test stands has become an important core of KL-Maschinenbau in recent years. Worldwide, customers from various industries, as well as technical colleges and other research facilities, rely on our knowledge and our products in this field.

At the production site in Rendsburg, highly qualified and experienced specialists are working in classical mechanical engineering, as well as in the latest methods and products. The experience, gained in more than 30 years of development and realization, as well as the involvement of experienced specialists of tractor and engine manufacturers and professors of technical colleges, promote a continuous adaptation to technical progress. Special designs of test stands are realized in close consultation with the customer according to their requirements.

PT 301 MES
KL Maschinenbau in Rendsburg