PT 1300 K and PT 1300 W

With always increasing machines having always more powerful engines, the desire for even more braking performance has arisen for some of our customers.

For customers who were no longer satisfied with the performance of the PT 401 test rig, we also developed the models PT 1300 K (in a covered trailer with road approval) and PT 1300 W (stationary workshop version) with 4 electric eddy current brakes connected via maintenance-free cardan shafts.

As with the PT 401, the power is measured via a highly precise measuring shaft. The performance of this dynamometer extends up to 1200 kW (1630 hp) in the fast test, as well as 670 kW (910 hp) for a full load curve.

We remain faithful to our motto and make “state-of-the-art engine technology measurable“

PT 1300 H


Technical data PT 1300 K / W
Modell versions PT 1300 K: enclosed road version,
based on chassis 80 km/h
PT 1300 W: workshop design, stationary
Brakesystem 4 Retarder (Eddy current brake, maintenance free)
Collant Aircooled by highpower electric fan (25.000 m3/h)
Measurement range
at 1000 min-1 and 20°C
*Measurement time depending upon tractor size and local conditions
1100 kW 2 Minutes
1000 kW 2,5 Minutes
900 kW 3,5 Minutes
800 kW 4,5 Minutes
640 kW 7,5 Minutes
560 kW 9 Minutes
440 kW 40 Minutes
400 kW 24/7 (open end)
max. revolutions permissible
max. torque
3600 1/min
14.000 Nm
Precisions 0,5% of reading
Display Digital display, speed, torque, power (kW, hp)
DMS Sensor Measuring hub on input shaft
Direction of rotation Both
Electrical power supply 400V, 32A, 3 Ph., N, PE, 50/60 Hz
Frame/ Housing Galvanized/ walls of multiplex
Chassis Tandem VIN (BPW) with auto-reverse, 2-leaf rear door, complete. Galvanized welded frame, folding automatic jockey, 2 grab handles, fender supports, lockable stainless steel lock, storage space for drive
shaft and drive shaft halves
Measure and weights L 3500, B 1500, H 1500 (only construction)
Weight 2800 kg,
Gross vehicle weight 3000 kg
Standard delivery items Manual, connector
Standard colors: white, light grey
Against additional charge Specific joint shaft 1 ¾“ 6T - 1 3/8“
PTO shaft 1 3/8“ 21T
PTO shaft 1 3/4“ 20T
PTO shaft 1 3/4“ 6T
Software: „Eggers PowerControl“
Bluetooth or cable remote control
Colors at additional cost: all RAL colors


KL Maschinenbau in Rendsburg