The compactness of the EGGERS PT 170 dynamometer is impressive and allows it to be accommodated in even in the most confined of workplaces. This dynamometer can be supplied as both a mobile workshop version as well as on an 80 km/h chassis. Boasting a performance range of up to 300 kW for a rapid test and 170 kW for a full-load curve, the PT 170 dynamometer already covers the majority of tractors on the market.

Naturally, the PT 170 E/SE can also be adapted to customer requests and we are happy to include this in the delivery.

PT 170


Technical Data PT 170 E / SE
Modell Versions PT 170 E: workshop type, mobile
PT 170 SE: road type,
on trailer 80 km/h
Brakesystem 1 Retarder
(Eddy current brake, maintenance free)
Collant Aircooled by highpower electric fan (ca. 8.500 m³/h)
Measurement range
at 1000 min-1 and 20°C
*Measurement time depending upon tractor size and local conditions
300 kW 1 min*
275 kW 2 min*
250 kW 2,5 min*
225 kW 3,5 min*
200 kW 4,5 min*
160 kW 7,5 min*
140 kW 9 min*
110 kW 40 min*
max. revolutions permissible
max. torque
1300 1/min optional up to 3600 1/min
3600 Nm
Precision <1 %
Display Digital display, indication revolutions, torque, power (kW, PS)
DMS Sensor Standard
Direction of rotation Both
Electrical Power Supply 240 V, 16 A slow
Frame Zinc plated / GRP
Measure and weights PT 170 E: L 900 mm; B 1000 mm;
H 1500 mm; Gew. 525 kg
PT 170 SE: L 2350 mm; B 1600 mm;
H 1350 mm; Gew. 550 kg
Standard delivery items Instruction manual, CEE plug 3X16A
Against additional charge Spezial cardan shaft 1 ¾“ 6Z – 1 3/8“,
Cardan half shaft 1 3/8“ 21T,
Cardan half shaft 1 ¾“ 20T,
Cardan half shaft 1 ¾“ 6T,
Software: „Eggers PowerControl“
Bluetooth or cable remote control


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