PT 501 G and PT 501 G+

This new EGGERS dynamometer is produced by the manufacturer of the already well-known EGGERS dynamometer: KL-Maschinenbau. Like all other test benches of the manufacturer, it is designed and manufactured in Rendsburg.

A generator as braking medium

In general, the new EGGERS dynamometer works like the proven models on the principle that both - the torque and the rotational speed are measured separately. The generator used to load the engine is therefore provided with a torque measuring hub. This torque measuring hub measures the resulting Torque, a speed sensor senses the revolutions per minute. From these exactly measured values, the control electronics calculates the performance of the test object according to the power formula*. Inaccuracy factors such as constantly changing efficiencies of the generator are eliminated, because this brake medium has only the task to load the engine – but is basically not used for power measurement. This measurement method is physically sound and internationally recognized.

Like all other EGGERS Dynamometers, also the model PT 501 G is calibratable. The time required for this is very low and can be performed expertly by the user.
To achieve a high endurance load, in this new model an electric generator is used as braking medium. The generated electricity is converted into heat by means of heavily dimensioned high-power resistors. The very high continuous braking power of the new EGGERS Dynamometer remains constant and does not decrease at all. The new EGGERS dynamometer can be shut down without aftercoolin – immediatly after the test (hot shut down).

PT 501 G


Technical Data PT 501 G / G+
Modell Versions Road type, fixed workshop type
Brakesystem Generator and load resistance
Collant Aircooled by highpower electric fan
Measurement range at 1000 min-1 and 20°C
*Measurement time depending on local temperature
All performances sustained up to 680 HP (500 kW)
Measurement range at 1800 min-1 and 20°C
*Measurement time depending on local temperature
PT 501 G: All performances sustained until 680 HP
PT 501 G+: All performances sustained until 1000 HP
max. Revolutions permissible
max. torque
2200 1/min
4800 Nm
Precision < 0,5 %
Display Digital display, indication revolutions, torque, power (KW, PS), with PC Software (optional)
DMS Sensor Standard
Direction of rotation Both
Electrical Power supply 230V, 16A Safety plug
Frame/ Housing Zinc plated / Aluminium
Measure and weights PT 501 G: permissible total weight. 2500 kg
PT 501 G+: permissible total weight. 2600 kg
Workshop type: L: 3000 mm, W: 1400 mm, H: 1900 mm
Road type:
L: 4580 mm, W: 2050, H: 1900 mm
Standard delivery items Instruction manual, Cardan shaft support, manual control storage, cardan shaft storage
Against additional charge Spez. cardan shaft 1 ¾“ 6Z – 1 3/8“,
Cardan half shaft 1 3/8“ 21Z,
Cardan half shaft 1 ¾“ 20Z,
Cardan half shaft 1 ¾“ 6Z,
Software: „Eggers PowerControl“
Bluetooth or cable remote control
Fuel consumption indicator


KL Maschinenbau in Rendsburg