The EGGERS dynamometer PT 401 covers the complete spectrum of all performance classes for both tractors and harvesters.

Whether in the practical box trailer as the PT 401 K for mobile use, or stationary as the workshop version PT 401 W – you will get a lot of performance with this dyno. With a power of 900 kW (1224 HP) for the quick test and 510 kW (694 HP) for a full load curve, you can handle any engine.

Equipped with a torque measuring shaft in the drive train, the highest levels of accu - racy are achieved. With this dynamometer you are also prepared for the future in terms of precision and performance. With ever performance increasing agricultural machinery and the growing demands on performance test benches, an EGGERS dynamometer PT 401 is certainly the first choice for future-oriented companies.

PT 401 K


Technical Data PT 401
Modell Versions PT 401 K: Road version, on chassis
PT 401 W: Workshop version
Brakesystem 3 retarders (eddy current brakes, wear-free
Collant Electric high-performance fans
(approx. 17000 m³/h)
Measuring range
at 1000 min-1 and 20°C
The measuring time depends on the size of the
tractor and location.
Quick test: 900 kW (1224 HP)
Full load curve: 510 kW (694 HP)
max. revolutions permissible
max. torque
2500 1/min (optionally 3600 1/min),
9000 Nm
Precision 0,5% of the measured value
Display digital display, speed, torque, Power in kW and HP
DMS Sensor Measuring hub, standard temperature compensated
Direction of rotation in both directions as standard
Electrical Power Supply 400V/230 V, 16 A
Frame/ Housing Frame made of galvanized steel; walls made of
Multiplex, aluminum
Chassis (PT 401 K) tandem chassis with automatic reversing system,
2-wing rear door, welded frame hot-dip galvanized,
foldable automatic support wheel, 2 handles,
fender supports, lockable stainless-steel closure,
storage space for PTO shaft and PTO shaft halves
Measure and weights PT 401 K: L: 3900 mm; B: 1750 mm; H: 2000 mm;
Weight: 2100 kg, permissible total weight: 2700 kg,
PT 401 W: L: 2400 mm; B: 1300 mm; H: 1600 mm;
Weight 1800 kg
Standard delivery items operating instructions, connection plug
Against additional charge PTO shaft 1 ¾“ 6T – 1 3/8“ 6T,
PTO half shaft 1 3/8“ 21T,
PTO half shaft 1 ¾“ 20T,
PTO half shaft 1 ¾“ 6T;
Tarpaulin (only for workshop version),
Software: “PowerControl” Bluetooth or cable
connection to the PC;
Accessories for direct engine measurement,
Fuel consumption measurement


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