When it comes to service dynamometers, the PT 401 K / W covers the complete spectrum, including all performance categories. Whether the PT 401 W (workshop version) or PT 401 K (mobile in van trailers), performance is key here.

With performance of 900 kW for the rapid test and 510 kW for a full-load curve, it can handle any engine and also achieves unrivalled precision, thanks to the inclusion of a torque measuring device in the drive train. This dynamometer provides all you need for the future. Given the ever-bigger agricultural machinery and related performance requirements, forward-looking businesses should look no further than EGGERS dynamometers.

PT 401 K


Technical Data PT 401 K / W
Modell Versions PT 401 W: workshop type, stationary
PT 401 K: road type, based on chassis 80 km/h
(optional 100 km/h)
Brakesystem 3 Retarder (Eddy current brake, maintenance free)
Collant Aircooled by highpower electric fan (17.000 m3/h)
Measurement range
at 1000 min-1 and 20°C
*Measurement time depending upon tractor size and local conditions
900 kW 1 min*
825 kW 2 min*
750 kW 2,5 min*
675 kW 3,5 min*
600 kW 4,5 min*
480 kW 7,5 min*
420 kW 9 min*
330 kW 40 min*
300 kW open end
max. revolutions permissible
max. torque
Optional 1300 1/min optional to 3600 1/min
9000 Nm
Precision 0,5 % of reading
Display Digital display, speed, torque, power (KW, PS)
DMS Sensor Measuring hub, standard temperature compensated
Direction of rotation Both
Electrical Power Supply 400 V, 32 A tr
Frame/ Housing Galvanized / walls of multiplex
Chassis Tandem VIN (BPW) with auto-reverse, 2-leaf rear door, complete galvanized welded frame, folding automatic jockey, 2 grab handles, fender supports, lockable stainless steel lock, storage space for drive shaft and drive shaft halves
Measure and weights PT 401 K: L 3300 mm; B 1750 mm; H 2000 mm;
Weight: 2000 kg, Gross vehicle weight: 2700 kg,
only construction: L 2050 mm, B 1330 mm, H 1550 mm
Standard delivery items Manual, connector
Standard colors: white, light grey
Against additional charge Specific joint shaft 1 ¾“ 6T – 1 3/8“
PTO shaft 1 3/8“ 21T
PTO shaft 1 ¾“ 20T
PTO shaft 1 ¾“ 6T
Software: „Eggers PowerControl“
Bluetooth or cable remote control
Colors at additional cost: all RAL colors


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