The mobile FCM - 100 fuel consumption meter

Measurement of fuel consumption for mobile automotive measurement technology – For billing to the nearest liter, training sessions, driver training, vehicle comparison tests etc. 

The FCM - 100 is a fuel consumption meter developed to be installed in vehicles and stationary engines, and is the product of many years of experience spent developing semi-mobile fuel consumption meters for our performance test stands. It is also usable with all injection systems currently available on the market. This measurement unit is suitable for diesel engines up to 365 kW/around 500 HP.

The scope can optionally be extended up to 1840 kW/around 2500 HP, although precise measurement for engines under 200 HP is not possible in this case. The measurement is made using an oval wheel meter with precision of under 1%.


The measuring device consists of a stable aluminium housing and can be installed right next to the engine. It is advisable to mount the device on rubber dampers, however, to minimise vibrations as much as possible.

When used in various vehicles, the FCM - 100 can be equipped with quick-action couplers, to ensure swift and problem-free exchange. When not in use, the quick-action couplers on the vehicles are simply put together and the vehicle can continue to be used without a fuel consumption gauge.

  • Ultra-easy installation
  • Boosts driver awareness of fuel-saving
  • Suitable for all conventional fuel supply systems
  • For diesel, biodiesel and RME
  • For tractors, harvesters, passenger cars, trucks, stationary engines etc.
  • Leak-free quick-action coupler
  • Detached electronics (securely protected against heat and vibrations)
  • RS232 socket
  • USB socket
  • Configurable inputs for consumption, speed and temperature signals
  • Indicator for current and total fuel consumption
  • Radio transmission of measurement data (up to 4 transmitters on a single receiver) optional
  • Measurement cell made of rustproof aluminium, stainless steel oval wheels
FCM 100 is also suitable for mobile measurement due to its compact dimensions

Consumption meter FCM 100

Dimensions of measurement device 130 x 130 x 40 mm
Dimensions of display Around 100 x 100 x 60 mm
Weight of measurement device Around 1,5 kg
Weight of display Around 0,7 kg
Protection glass IP 54
Temperature range -20° - 80° C
Media Diesel, Biodiesel, RME, other media on request
Impulses 2170 imp./ l
Measurement range 1-100 l/h (optional 15-500 l/h)
Measurement accuracy 1% from actual value
Reproducibility 0,03 %
Working pressure max. 5 bar
Power supply 8 – 30 V DC
Outputs RS232, USB
Inputs Consumption signal, temperature
(PT 1000), speed (square-wave signal)
Display Current consumption, total consumption (optionally available with memory card, to enable consumption within a specific period to be determined).
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