The toughest test for a product is to ensure it delivers entirely uniform precision and reliability every day, month and year.

We have consistently continued our researching efforts and invested our many years of experience in further development. The result? A fuel consumption meter offering impressive precision, handling and efficiency, boasting exceptionally accurate operation on all tractor models currently on the market.

Stationary consumption meter FM 3

More and more new-generation engines that comply with the increasingly stringent exhaust emission regulations are coming onto the market. Here, new high-pressure injection systems tend to prevail and customers are increasingly reconsidering their options, not least due to the hike in diesel prices.

Measuring the fuel consumption of new common rail, pump-injector and pump-line-nozzle high-pressure injection systems and new generations of distributor pumps is problematic when using conventional fuel consumption meters on the test stand. In response, we have developed a fuel consumption meter that meets all requirements.

Fuel consumption meter FM 3

Consumption meter FM 3 - 100

Technical Specifications  
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Supply from the tank to the unit self-priming
From the device to the examinee Adjustable from 0,3 - 7 bar
Pressure indicator 0 - 10 bar
Fuel cooler integrated
Pulse suppression By compensating membrane
Venting process By bypass valve and suction glass
Dimentions L = 570 mm; B = 460 mm; H = 585 mm
Mass 40 kg
Options Fuel control display, display available by pressing the button, stationary consumption meter FM3-100 rear view


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