Measuring and diagnostic system

The continuous efforts of the manufacturers to optimize the machine under the goal of increasing the longevity and economy led us to develop a measuring and diagnostic system, which makes it possible, that the many system components of machines can be measured and tested under real conditions.

With the measurement and diagnosis system KL 0020, we have achieved this goal. The result is a unit with which all relevant data from the engine, gearbox and hydraulics can be noticed. Besides the connection of EGGERS dynamometer and consumption meter, this system offers numerous interfaces for e.g. rotational speed, pressure, flow and temperature sensors, CAN modules, weather modules and exhaust gas detectors. It is also possible to record GPS data in mobile mode. This can provide conclusive results.

Due to the large number of possible measuring inputs, the user can modify the software to his individual machine test procedure. Individual channels can be switched on or off.

The measured values can be displayed and evaluated directly in the protocol as a table or graphic. Alternatively, it is also possible to record the values on SD card for mobile use, to carry out the evaluation in post-processing.

Whether for F + E, end-of-line, test, or repair of the machine - in conjunction with the software the KL measuring unit provides meaningful information about the decisive parameters.

The EGGERS dynamometer can also be controlled with the measuring unit. Different load cycles or the full load curve can be driven. All selected parameters are recorded to the corresponding operating point.

Measuring system KL 0020

Measuring system KL 0020

Technical data Measuring system KL 0020
Measuring card • Sturdy 19“ aluminium housing
• Power supply 110V/230V 50/60 Hz, 12V DC, 24V DC
• suitable for mobile and stationary use
Sensor inputs 2x DMS
16x analogue in 4-20mA (eg pressure sensors)
1x Analog in -10V to + 10V
6x PT 100
16x digital in (e.g., EGGERS dynamometer,
KL0020 weather module)
Outputs 8 x Digital out
2 x 0-20 mA or 0-10 V
1 x USB
4 x RS 232
1 x RS 422/485
3 x Canbus
Optional additional inputs available


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