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For all test stands, we provide a special software program that allows an automatic test sequence and all but eliminates human error. This software runs on all current Windows-based PCs and Laptops, and since free updates can be downloaded online, there are also no hidden follow-up costs.

The data transfer from the test stand to the computer is via the RS 232 interface, USB or Bluetooth. No special measurement card is required. Bluetooth transmission is a very secure connection that, unlike radio transmission, does not impact on any other devices.

Power Control

The standard POWERCONTROL software is mainly deployed for the EGGERS dynamometer. Manually inputting the current weather data allows the measured PTO shaft power to be automatically adapted to the relevant standards.

This means a 100 kW tractor only delivers its rated performance at an air intake temperature of 20°C and air pressure of 1013 mbar. If the same tractor is measured at a temperature of 5°C, its performance will be higher, since air density is higher at lower temperatures. In this case, the software back-calculates the performance based on the input data.

This makes it possible to compare two measurements from a single tractor, the first of which could be in summer and the second in winter. Moreover, adjustment allows the measurement to be compared with the manufacturer’s data, since these always based on the standard values.

 All measurements are saved on hard disk and can thus be recalled at any time. E-mailing data from previous measurements is also easily done.

There is also the option of programming customer-specific test software, e.g. to be able to implement statutory cycle measurement or endurance tests with constantly fluctuating load parameters. Customer-specific solutions may involve other measurement devices being connected, to measure e.g. temperatures, pressures or exhaust emissions.

Compatible with consumption meters

When using one of our consumption meters, the consumption curve can also be measured and displayed in the software at the same time as the performance curve.

Data transfer

Depending on the customer‘s requirements, the data is transferred directly to the PC / laptop / tablet via a Bluetooth connection or USB cable. Updates are available free of charge online, and are provided for download. All Windows based systems are supported.

Compensation of weather data

By entering the current weather data, the power is standardized to obtain comparable results. It is possible to check the tractor‘s plant specifications, which are based on the same standards.


Software for special test stands

In the field of special machine construction, customers usually have their own wishes and ideas, regarding the software. We are pleased to offer individual adaptations in our software. To ensure compatibility with the existing systems of the customer, of course, other software solutions are possible.

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