WEKA performance test stands – Test benches for electric motors

KL-Maschinenbau has taken over the manufacture, development and distribution of the company "WEKA Motorenprüfstände" (WEKA engine test stands) as of 01.06.2017, and has set up a new business area. This allows us to offer a comprehensive product portfolio for the testing of electric motors.

WEKA performance test stand – complete system - Type LPS

With the complete system type LPS, we offer a compact performance test stand with air-cooled eddy current brake, height-adjustable clamping plate and articulated shaft coupling. The test bench is transportable and can be installed without foundation.

In the “RE-POWER“ version the test stands are equipped with an AC / DC generator and with electronic feedback technology. The RE-POWER test bench is always manufactured according to customer specifications.

Test benches for electric motors

WEKA performance brakes - Type MT

The air-cooled WEKA power brakes consist of an eddy current brake, which is oscillating in the machine housing, with torque and rotational speed measurement technology.

The brakes are manufactured in 9 sizes for power ratings from 0.1 kW (MT5) to 450 kW (MT500).

Special test stand construction

We gladly manufacture special test stands according to the customer‘s requirements. Special test stand for Stralsund University of Applied Sciences. With this customer-specific test stand in RE-POWER design, extensive and very special requirements for training and research on electrical drive technology are realized. Year of construction: 2017.


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